Thought I would post a picture of what correctly spooled line should look like on a reel.

You should see even spread of the line across the spool, no major uneven patches or bumpy looking line.

Should look the same way on a spinning reel as well, make sure to take the time so it is done correctly. A good solid knot on the spool with tightly spooled line for a solid foundation.

In the end badly spooled line will cause various issues and could result in losing a really good fish.

The AMFisH guy…

Snapped this beautiful shot early Saturday morning when I arrived at the lake.

Clouds looked amazing and the light was just right making for a nice picture.

Ended up being a very windy day made for tough fishing, missed a few really big bass as I was focused on not getting knocked off the boat by the strong winds.

None the less a good enjoyable day on the water!

The AMFisH guy…