This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – rigging tube baits

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about rigging tube baits:

A tube bait is a soft plastic bait that resembles a crayfish, it is a hollow tube portion with a lower part that is a bunch of rubber strands that resemble the tentacles.  The picture below is what a regular standard tube bait looks like.


These baits come on many different colours, sizes, styles, lengths, but the key thing about all of them is they have been designed to resemble a crayfish or crustacean of some sort.   These baits are typically a smallmouth bass bait but can be rigged different ways to catch largemouth bass and other species.


The unique part of these baits is that they fall in a spiral way once they hit the water.  The are rigged with a specific led tube jig that is inserted inside the tube, which I demonstrate in this video.   Some easy ways to prevent ripping the tube with a dry lead jig head is to either use some saliva, water or bait sent to lube the jig head up, this will make it slide inside the tube a lot easier.


Second important thing to make inserting the jig head inside is to squeeze the tube bait from both sides so it expands vertically, this added height will allow you to slide the jig head in a lot easier as well.


These baits can be fished with a slow bouncing retrieve, very slowly bounced off the bottom, dragged along the bottom rigged as a Texas rig, Carolina rigged, the options are endless for such a versatile bait!

They also are available with no scent, heavy sent, heavy salted, which gives you more options for different presentations as well.   Having a hollow body to the bait also allows you to insert scent pills, scent cream, or even a piece of a night crawler, the ideas are almost endless!

Highly recommend giving these baits a try, especially if you are a smallmouth bass fisherman!   Should you have any questions about other ways of rigging these feel free to contact me through my YouTube channel and subscribe if you have not done so yet as well or my website.

Hope you found this video helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

AMFisH daily fishing blog post – getting skunked.

Hi AMFisHers!  This AMFisH blog post is about the dreaded getting skunked outings we all hate so much.image

For those of you not familiar with this term is means not catching any fish on an outing.  So for starters this will happen, will not be fun but there is not much that can be done to prevent this from happening.

No matter how much you practice, study the lake, be organized with fishing gear getting skunked happens.   It could be a number of this that cause this, examples being frustrated, too much on your mind causing you to not be focused, using the wrong baits, you name it lots of things can result in the skunk!

Best way to be prepared for the skunk is to make peace with the fact that you may not catch fish every time you go out fishing.   Once you make peace with this when it happens you will tolerate it easier.   On these not so good fishing dad it’s best to stop and revisit what you have been doing that day, regrouping  can lead you to catching a fish and preventing the skunk!

If regrouping does not work try observing other people fishing,  maybe even ask a few of them if they have had any luck, this can be another clue as to why you were not catching.  If they have not caught then there is more going on, example a storm rolled through turning the fishing off for the day.

Lastly I use skunk days as practice days, using baits I want to learn more about that I have not dedicated much time to practicing with, no sense in wasting an outing!

Hope you found this post helpful and may those skunk days stay away for a while!

The AMFisH guy…