This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Go old school with baits sometimes.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!    This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about going old school with baits sometimes:

With so many different baits on the market we sometimes forget about baits we used to catch a lot of fish on, hence why I decided to shoot this vlog about going old school!

I am pretty sure you all have some of those older fishing baits, maybe a jerkbait with no rattles in it made of wood, or a slender looking old style top water frog and in my case a simple black 6″ finesse worm, whatever it is pull them out of those tackle boxes and use them.

Soft plastics for example have come a very long way, BUT that simple black worm to me is beyond priceless sometimes as everyone else is potentially using all the new style plastics and as you may or may not know fish do get used to seeing the same baits over and over again, but to that point they also see the same live bait they eat all their lives.   The point I am making is use those simple old school baits sometimes, they can make for an amazing day of fishing!

Simple will in most cases beat fancy/flashy, WHY well it’s simple to fish it is an easy meal.  Most of the time the presentation of these simple baits is too hard for them to resist, as the action or look is stands out that much more than whatever someone else might be using that day or most of the people may be using.

Old school is a great way to get into some fish that you would more than likely not end up catching, so have a stash of some of those old school baits with you and when nothing else seems to be working pull a few out and give them a try!

Hope you enjoyed this post….tight lines.

The AMFisH guy…

This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – different ways to cast.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  This AMFisH fishing vlog is about all the different ways you can cast:

When it comes to casting I can’t stress anymore more important than being a versatile as possible on the water.   Knowing how to reach those key spots with a cast is definitely a make or break situation on fish being caught.

In this video you will see the extreme comfort level I have when it comes to casting, this has taken a lot of practice but the benefit is huge as I can quickly react to anything I see happening on the water, this is priceless!

Your basic ways of casting are, side arm, overhand single arm, overhand double arm, single side arm cast, opposite side arm cast, which many of us do now BUT being able to react at a drop of hat with a very short cast over your head behind you, or a really long cast to a dock you already passed is the key thing.

Work on being very familiar with all your fishing rods and reels, this will allow you a lot of room for reacting when you need to grab a shorter rod and realize you have not used it much.  Practice casting as much as you can, on and off the water is the way to go.  Cast on your lawn, at the park, from shore into the lake, just practice as often as you can, before you know it you will be able to do things on the water you were never able to do before!

Hope you found this vlog helpful!

The AMFisH guy…