This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – having a plan of attack for your outings – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers!  This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more: fishing vlog is about having a plan of attack for your fishing outings:

I can stress how important this is and how much better your fishing outings will be with a strategy in place for your outings.  As we all see the amount of work professional bass fisherman out in preparing for fishing tournaments, with all those hours upon hours of putting together a strategy for each tournament day.  Well we as AMFisHers need to put in some time as well, maybe not to the pros extent BUT it is critical to have a strategy for your outings as it can be a big contributing factor to you catching fish.

Now where to start?  A good place is making sure your tackle and gear is ready for the outing, this means having the baits you want to use for the day organized in one place, rods you want to use all rigged up with your first batch of starting baits for that outing/lake, spots on the lake picked out and a approach for fishing those spots once you get there, simple little stuff like this.

Everything from time of arrival to the lake, estimated time you will start fishing your first spot, examining the weather upon arrival at the lake, all key points that should not be overlooked, WHY well although some may think these are all simple little things that can be done once you get to the lake, we all know how fast we forget about things when the excitement of fishing kicks in, so being ready and sticking to a plan is key.

Let’s say the weather is supposed to be bright and sunny all day with high heat and once you get to the lake you are greeted with severe overcast sky’s with a slight breeze, your strategy for that hot bright day will need to be tweaked in order to catch fish.  Put those bright colored baits on hold for a while and pull out those darker profile baits that the fish will be able to zone in on a lot easier with the overcast sky’s.  Having a strategy in place is great BUT make sure you can tweak it at a moments notice, because Mother Nature can change quickly some days and we as AMFisHers have to change along with her.

If you get into the practice of strategizing a couple of days before your fishing outing, it will go a long way when it comes to how versatile you can actually become on the water.   The best part comes when you have a plan of attack for outings that is fully customizable when it comes to tweaking it on a last minute basis, example a GO TO BOX of baits that can be used under several conditions, this way you are not wasting valuable time trying to find baits while on the lake.

We all know the more time your fishing rod spends out of the water the less fish we will actually catch, so start working on a basic starter strategy and before you know it you will be tweaking it very quickly and catching more fish!

Hope you found this post helpful!

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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – where to find fish on really hot days – fishing.

Hi fellows AMFisHers!   This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is about how to locate and find more fish on really hot days:

Keeping an eye out for groups of birds or prey is one quick way to locate where baitfish are and where the bait are the fish will not be too far off!   On these really hot days we need to take water temperature into high consideration, WHY well if you have ever put your hands in a lake or went swimming in a lake you will know about that cold pocket you usually feel with your toes while treading water.

When the days are hot with that beaming sun you need to understand that fish will not always be out sunning themselves in that very warm water, which is typically the first 2 to 3ft of the water column closest to the surface.  WHY, well it’s simple the water is far too hot for the fish to be hanging around in, they will move towards the cooler water column located below, out of the direct sunlight where they can be sitting at a much more comfortable temperature.

You may find some fish cruising the shallows for some sun but they will not be there for long periods of time, so casting the shoreline is still a good option BUT the key is to keep an eye out for activity taking place.  If you do not see fish, baitfish and other bait in the shallows and the water is very still with a calmness about it, the best thing to do is to immediately try deeper water. Back out to double the depth you were just fishing in, example if you were casting into 3ft of water head for 6ft deep water and try fishing that area, then double that depth a second time until you start getting some bites.

Trying areas filled with shade is also a great way to find some fish, thick tall reed filled areas with shade pockets, boat houses, docks, a every shade filled bay, all these spots are good as fish will hold in shade filled areas as well, because that water there will also be much cooler than the sunny spots.

Just like we would be uncomfortable in very warm water for too long of a time, fish are actually that much more uncomfortable in the warm water, so they do move in many cases right away from it into the cooler stuff.

Hope you found this vlog helpful!

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