This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Great baits for catching largemouth bass – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers! This AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is a review of some key largemouth bass baits I have a lot of success with:

If you enjoy catching largemouth bass as much as I do this is a video for you to watch! I review some great easy to use baits for catching small and large largemouth bass throughout the season.

Largemouth bass love hanging around extremely thick weedy areas and any type of structure as they use these areas as ambush points as well as shelter from predator fish. The #1 bait I always recommend to fellow AMFisHers is a chartreuse spinnerbait, with double colorado blades and a twin tail scented soft plastic trailer. I have caught hundreds of largemouth bass on this bait since I was a young kid getting into fishing!


With so many baits on the market it’s not easy to know what will catch fish, as there are a lot of variables that come into play. The baits in this vlog  are all key baits when it comes to bass fishing, as they allow you to cover various fishing styles, from using a fast running spinnerbait for aggressive fish right down to flipping a tube jig around docks and getting those subtle bites.

My top bass baits in this video are: spinnerbaits, jointed hard body swimbaits, soft plastic swimbaits, lipless crankbaits, short lipped bulky body crankbaits, texas rigged soft plastic creature baits and flipping jigs with a creature trailer. It’s hard to go wrong with these baits, as they will allow you to fish various conditions on your outings. Some of them will let you fish the bait deeper if need be and other will allow you to work them shallower when needed, making these all great choices!

Here are some tips on how to fish these baits: spinnerbaits – cast and retrieve these slowly and quickly, all depends on how the fish react. Also add some pauses in between reeling it back, a split second pause is fine. Jointed swimbaits best retrieve by far is extremely slow, where the reel handle is just slightly turning. Soft plastic swimbaits, same as above extremely slow retrieve with the rod tip way up, this makes the bait look like a very easy target from fish below. Lipless cranbaits – cast and retrieve either slowly or quickly, with bursts of split second pauses. For tough bite days cast these out let them sink then slowly pop the bait up with the rod tip, then let it sink again and repeat. Short lipped bulky crankbaits – cast and retrieve slowly or quickly, the fish will tell you how they want it. You can also retrieve these almost like top water or wake baits, by reeling in very slowly so the bait is just breaking the surface with a ripple. Texas rigged creature baits – fish these around thick weedy areas by flipping the bait into small darker pockets of weeds. Let it sink to the bottom give it two small pops off the bottom and let it sink again. Great to use around all types of structure. Flipping jigs with trailers – same presentation as above, advantage here is this bulkier bait will produce bigger bass as it is a bigger meal.

The best part of these top bass baits is they are all what a bass would eat, swimming bait fish and crayfish resembling baits. The second best part is these are great baits for starting out with, as you can cover a lot of water with the faster presentation baits then slow it down for the tougher bite days with the slower presentation baits. When it comes to colors I never make it too complicated, matching the hatch with bait fish in your lakes is the first way to go, second thing to do it remember to use lighter brighter colors on sunny days and darker tones on darker cloudier days, two rules that really make a huge difference when it comes to catching more fish.

Hope you found this vlog helpful and if you have any questions about any of these baits feel free to ask, or you can also check my YouTube channel out as I have more videos that cover these baits individually. You can also search for more in depth information on each bait in my website, CLICK here:

Tight lines!

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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – practicing casting, flipping and pitching accuracy – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers! This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more: fishing vlog is about practicing your casting, flipping and pitching on and off the water:

Some say practice makes you perfect, I just say it makes you a whole lot better at whatever the task at hand is. Since casting is such an important part to fishing, especially when you are zoning in on good locations to fish and need to be that much more accurate to where a fish might be holding, it only makes sense to be able to cast to the best of your abilities.

In this vlog I share how I practice my accuracy, it’s a great easy way to practice off the water. I also make sure to practice with all my rods/reeds and various baits, WHY well being able to cast efficiently with one rod/reel/bait may be fine but what happens if you are not using that length of rod, or a heavier reel or even a lighter bait? As an angler we need to be as prepared as possible with all the gear we are using that day.

When practicing I use everything from spinning rods, to frog baits, to plain lead weights in different sizes, as this will allow me the best way to cast well with various styles of baits, with various weights to various distances of targets.   There is nothing worse then seeing a big bass near a boat house, panicking and making a bad cast that bounces off the boat house and on to the dock, this is where practice can eliminate that from happening.

By setting up various targets as I have in this video, you can practice casting to short distance targets and far distance targets repeatedly, as well as chance your vantage point by moving around the targets and standing in a different spot. Once you start developing that fluid motion to hitting target after target off the water, I suggest practicing in a similar way on the water.

Pick a stretch of shoreline in some shallow water and start casting out to any targets you find, could be sunken trees, floating docks, pile of weeds, anything you see as a good target to try and get a bait close to.  A good example is an area like the one in the photo below, where there are several small docks along a long stretch of the shoreline, great area to practice getting a bait to all the good spots of a dock. You can do this from a boat, kayak or even while shore fishing, all great ways to get that casting accuracy up to speed.


Hope you found this vlog helpful and if you have any questions ask away!

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