About BIG Fish Media

Welcome to the about page for BIG Fish Media!  The AMFisH brand was started back in 2010/2011 and since then has grown into an education online fishing resource with the main goal being to help fellow anglers catch more fish! 

As social media became a mainstream space to be in for businesses/brands, I saw an opportunity to start my own marketing agency back in 2015/2016 to offer the many years of experience I had in marketing/advertising and especially the social media and digital marketing space, as I had grown my experience in this space tremendously.

Currently BIG Fish Media is a parent business to my personal fishing brand AMFisH and we work with various businesses in the corporate space, fishing space as well as the startup/small business space.

Our services range from and are not limited to everything from full social media management and community management, driving brand awareness, driving sales, building strong social media platforms, product photography,  strategy consulting and so much more.  We love this space and what we are able to achieve for our customers!

If you are looking for a dedicated marketing agency that is ready to help you not only achieve but exceed all your business/brand goals contact us today!

BIG Fish Media


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