This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Great top water bass spots & ambush edge points – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers! This AMFisH(LEARN more here: fishing vlog is a review of great largemouth bass top water areas and the ambush points around them.

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Top water fishing is the most exciting way to catch bass and being able to identify key areas will help you catch a lot more bass!

The area I review in this video is a very key area, filled with thick weedy pockets and a lot of top water cover like lily pads, which provide a lot of shade filled areas that bass will use to hold in for ambushing prey as well as staying cool out of the hot sun.

With areas like this the approach for top water fishing should be casting your bait right up to shore or close to it as possible, then slowly working it back to the boat or kayak. If you are fishing from shore the strategy would be slightly the same, as you will want to fan cast along the shore and work your way out from shore with your casts.

Once oversight many anglers make is cutting their retrieves too short, as a key area I point out in this video is the drop off access to deeper water right where the lily pads end coming back to my kayak. This area is a “must” fish area, don’t pull the bait back into your boat or kayak too soon, focus on really fishing this dividing edge from lily pads to open water as a chasing fish could be right on this edge waiting for it’s strike moment!

Hope you found this vlog helpful and if you have any questions about this video feel free to ask.

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