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Hi AMFisHers!   This weeks AMFisH(LEARN more: fishing vlog is about how to fish a lake you have never fished before:

As we all know it is hard enough to fish the lakes we do know well and also hard to catch fish on them too, so fishing a lake you have never fished is an even bigger task!  So the question is where do you start on a new lake?  How do you find fish?  Simplest way to do this right from the start it to replicate things you have done in the past, example leave the boat launch or launch point and start casting the shoreline.   This can be a very effective way to zone in on water depth, structure and any fish in the area.

Also look for shoreline water that looks familiar to you, things like lily pads if you are fishing for bass, think weeds for pike and panfish, areas like that are very plentiful along shorelines and make great spots to start with.  Most importantly watch where people are fishing and head over to that area when they leave, it’s another great way to find out what that spot is all about.  Even asking fellow AMFisHers at the lake is a great way to learn a little more about that waters fishing holes.

Having a few maps of the lake or using fishing apps are also good ways to navigate around, but I still like to fan cast shorelines first and grid my way around the lake slowly to different shorelines, this way you at least learn the entire shoreline and can branch closer to the middle of the lake with every outing.  It’s also key to fish that lake numerous times in a season, maybe even all season long, that way you learn it a lot faster than you would on two of three outings a season.

Fishing new lakes is an adventure in itself and can be a great one if you just get a little prepared with your approach!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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