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A story to inspire you!

Hi everyone wanted to share a story from my morning today, as I am truly puzzled and frustrated at how we treat one another at times.
     I stay as positive as I can and surround myself with great energy people as that alternative negative feeling is far too draining to entertain these days.
Was at bass pro shops with the puppy and a friend, little Sequioa was greeting everyone today!  Kids, elderly couples, adults, other dogs you name it her tail was all over the place trying to greet them all!
     After being stopped about 20 times by people greeting the puppy a gentleman calmly walks over to me, instantly I knew he was deaf and may have had a few other issues, needless to say I stopped as he put his basket down sat on the floor to greet Sequioa.
     I watched this puppy work her magic at almost 10 months old she knew he was slightly different but treated him the same way I treat people…like a person.
He was all smiles pulled his phone out to show me pictures of his dog, sure we could not have that talking conversation we are all used to enjoying on a daily basis but a few thumbs ups later, some smiles and laughs and I knew he had made my day, the puppies day and his own day.
     Shortly after this experience I saw an older gentleman in a scooter, heavy set guy who I was getting out of the way for until he said no worries I am not heading out of this isle yet, I have no idea about fishing stuff and don’t know what to get my brother for his birthday, besides no one here is helping me after I have asked two people who were not much help at all.Then he says by the way who is this little cutie with you?  I lifted Sequioa up to his lap as he was in his scooter and he enjoyed a few smiles on her, gotta love seeing that take place!
     I offered a few minutes of my time to help him pick out a few baits and then found out that the rod/reel combo he was advised by an employee in the store was insanely overpriced for what he was trying to purchase and quite frankly not even made well.
The part that got to me was when he said I had major foot surgery a few days ago and I have some issues that have put me into the handicap category.  How could someone not take the time to help someone in obvious need of help especially after a surgery.
Well that negative bothersome feeling did not last long I asked him to follow me and got him setup with a great rod and reel, a few baits for what his brothers fishes for and saved him some money in the process.
     I felt great and he and his wife were extremely thankful a total stranger offered a few minutes of time to help them out.     There are times likes this where I struggle to understand why we miss situations like this by simply walking right by someone.  Not only did I feel great but I got to help someone in need, got to talk fishing, my puppy had a great time, I realized situations like this are amazing to experience and have always said don’t underestimate the power of a conversation of any kind with a total stranger…it can really wake you up.
The AMFisH guy…

AMFisH blog post – have those rod’s rigged and ready to go.

Hi fellow AMFisHers!  This post is about having your rod’s rigged and ready to go, I re-visit this topic here and there due to lot’s of questions I get from people about how to switch out baits quickly, or how they should approach having more than one rod setup.

As you can see in this picture below I have a bait rigged up on each rod I am going to use that day, WHY well it’s simple if there is not game plan for a fishing outing you will spend most of your time with you face down on your tackle box looking for your next bait to try and that is nothing but a waste of time.


If you have multiple rods like I do you start with developing a game plan for your outing, this includes how many rods you will take with you, what baits you want to use that day, these are the two key things that can make or break how many fish you catch.

A game plan allows you to review your top bait’s for the day which is crucial as it is always best to have them accessible right away should you need to change something up quickly, especially if you only have a couple of rods.   Then by having them already pre-rigged on your rods it makes things that much simpler, example you get a missed strike from a pike on a large crankbait, chances of that fish hitting that same bait again are not bad at all BUT if you had a soft plastic swimbait tied on that is slightly smaller but have scent built into if already rigged on a rod you can grab it quickly cast it out and possibly catch that missed fish!

I can tell you how much time this saves you on an outing, especially if you are using leaders as well as it makes switching out baits very easy.   In the end there is no point in having 4 to 6 rods with you if you are going to take time setting each one up throughout the day, far too much time is wasted that way so take a few minutes the night before put all your starter baits on and be ready to catch fish the second you hit the water!

Hope you found this post helpful and thank you for taking the time to read it.

The AMFisH guy…