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Ice fishing tips for the 2018 season!

Hi fellow anglers, fishing enthusiast’s and AMFiHers! 

We are well into the 2018 ice fishing season and I have been working on this ice fishing tip post for the last week, as I have always felt it was important to pass along some fishing tips as well as touch on the importance of safety.

Ice fishing
 This is a short blog post of various tips that will not only keep you all safe on the ice but will help you have more successful ice fishing days, as well as more comfortable days on the hard water.
1) Safety must always be first.  Take every step possible to keep yourself, loved ones and friends safe out there.

2) Always let people know where you are heading out to, when you are leaving and when you are planning to return.  Make sure your cell phones and GPS units are fully charged and ready when needed.

3) Pack a day bag with extra gloves/mitts, toque, wool socks, first aid kit, safety gear, thermos filled with hot soup or a hot drink, lots of easy snacks like assorted nuts, granola bars, protein bars, instant cup of soup, beef jerky and some Gatorade or Powerade.  This bag may be needed one day to help yourself or fellow anglers.

Ice fishing catching pike

4) Report any major lake or hut concerns, ie. large cracks, unsafe holes in the ice, unsafe conditions in a ice fishing hut, anything out of the ordinary that catches your eye. 

5) Have eyes open for unsafe fishing holes that can easily be marked for notifying other anglers, by placing a branch in the hole so it can be seen when people are walking around.

6) Be a respectful and courteous angler by not dumping any remaining live bait down the ice holes. Return it or give it to a fellow angler with a smile!

Ice fishing season
7) Dress in various layers, with a solid base layer that is not cotton but more of a merino wool or dry fit moisture wick technology.  A proper base layer is key to staying warm.
8) Be prepared for not catching fish some days, it happens in the spring and summer months and can happen during ice fishing season. Use the time to practice, try out new baits and even to socialize with fellow anglers.
9) Make sure you have a variety of ice fishing baits, jigging spoons, jig heads, jigging crankbaits, all in various sizes and colors. Having a variety of baits including live bait and various sizes of live bait, can really make a big difference on the success you have.

Ice fishing match the hatch with baits

10) Having different sizes of minnows can keep you on the bite longer when fish change preference in the size of bait they want that day.
11) Respect nature and the outdoors that we all have the pleasure to enjoy by not leaving your garbage in rented huts or around your fishing holes, take it with you and dispose of it properly.

12) Lend a helping hand to any fellow anglers struggling to catch fish or just to share a few tips during an enjoyable chat on your outings.  Socializing with fellow anglers allows us all to grow our knowledge, create some memories and most importantly having some fun!

13) Make the time to check weather and lake conditions regularly as temperatures do fluctuate quite frequently throughout the season, so picking the safest ice condition and driving conditions is critical.

14) When possible head out with one or two friends, the more people around the safer the day will feel.

Stay safe everyone…The AMFisH guy…

Dedicated to helping you catch more fish!

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AMFisH blog post – 10 tips for end of season cleaning and storing of fishing gear!

Hi fellow anglers, fishing enthusiast’s and AMFisHers!  The open water season in most places is already done and is coming to a close in various other locations soon, so it was time for my annual sharing of tips on how to properly prepare and store all your rods, reels and baits!

If you want to have your baits and gear last a long time, keep reading this blog post about how to clean and organize gear for the next fishing season.

Here are 10 tips for end of season fishing gear/tackle maintenance, to maintain your gear and prevent any items from rusting out.

Tip #1 – Do not leave your fishing rods and tackle boxes in the garage or in the trunk of your vehicles, once the cool fall and winter weather arrives. Once the temperature drops any dampness in or around your gear will instantly start causing various gear components and baits to rust.

Tip #2 – Store all your fishing gear inside your home in a warm area. A warm bedroom closet or other storage areas excluding basements that can be quite cool, are good areas to keep your tackle until the next season.

Tip #3 – After your last outing for the season make sure you leave all your tackle trays and boxes fully opened in a dry warm area. This will allow any wet baits or water inside your trays to evaporate. This air drying method is the best option, but there may be times where you will want to wipe down bait compartments or use a hair dryer to dry out your trays much faster.

Tip #4 – Make sure to loosen the drag tension off all of your reels. Leaving your drag on a tight setting for many months is unnecessary pressure/tension on the components, so backing it off 3 to 4 turns is a good idea, that way there is no stress on any components.

Tip #5 – Give your reels a quick rinse under a faucet of very warm running water for about 8 to 10 seconds, turning it around to make sure the water pressure rinses off any dirt, dried weeds of stains. Use a medium to medium high faucet pressure, no need to use high pressure methods like a garden hose, as that much water pressure will actually push water into tight areas of your reels.

Tip #6 – After the faucet rinse has been completed, give your reels a good long wipe down with a somewhat somewhat damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to collect up any left behind moisture. Wiping down your reels is a great way to remove things like dirt and dried weeds that should be loosened by the faucet rinse.

Tip #7 – Use a blow dryer to eliminate moisture in those hard to see places of your reels, like around the button and inside the spool area. By working a blow dryer around your reel passing over every single spot for a few minutes can help push out and evaporate water/moisture that may be inside areas the naked eye can’t see.

Tip #8 – Give your reels a little TLC with a few drops of oil. After 24 to 48 hours it is time to add some of the good moisture! A few drops of reel oil can go a long way but you want to apply the oil on dried components and not on top of old oil.

Tip #9 – Store your reels in the original boxes they came in, as it will eliminate the amount of dust that might accumulate if there are sitting outside of a box. If you no longer have the original boxes, you can wrap your reels in some plastic wrap or buy some foam reel covers.

Tip #10 – Make sure to examine all the fishing line on your spools, this down time is a great time to make sure you change out any bad line that should not be used any longer. I usually do this closer to the spring but that winter downtime is perfect for prepping gear.

Hope you found this post helpful!

The AMFisH guy…Billy

Dedicated to helping you catch more fish!

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