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Even more on baits…

A secondary good starter bait that is also fairly easy to use is a crankbait.   These typically resemble fish bodies but have two treble hooks on them, which allow for a greater chance of hooking a fish once it strikes.

These baits are cast and retrieve baits as well, with lots of different ways to fish them along with various patterns, colours, sizes, etc.

They also fall into the search bait category as they can be fished quickly to cover water, which is usually at the start of a fishing day to locate fish in the areas you have started in.

A great starter bait as well, easy to use but NOT WEEDLESS and can potentially get snagged on stumps.  NOT to be fished in thick cover, around the edges of thick cover in open water.

What are some good baits ? ? ?

There are virtually thousands of baits on the market, trust me I have a few hundred myself !   One bait that I will recommend to anyone as a first bait that produces and has produced thousands of fish globally is the spinnerbait.

This is a very versatile bait that catches a range of fish and most importantly is very easy to use.  It has a few blades that cause vibration but also catch light, followed by a rubber stranded skirted portion with a head and eye.

This bait mimics bait fish swimming and is pretty much just a cast and retrieve style bait.   It’s weedless as the wire setup of it prevents the hook from getting tied up in weeds or branches.

They come in a variety of colours and blade patterns but again a great starter bait when getting into fishing with artificial lures.