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Sometimes the fishing is not so good but the views are spectacular!

Anyone have luck catching this past weekend?  If so comment with some pictures!


Fishing was tough on my end this past weekend, three separate storms rolled through in a three hour span, did not help much with catching fish but the views were absolutely spectacular!

bass fishing

Calm waters after some storms rolled through made for using the Joe Bucher TopRaider a must try bait!

fishing fr muskies

This was one of three different storm systems that rolled though, did not make for a good fishing day at all but it sure did make for some great photos!

bass fishing on a lake

The AMFisH guy… Dedicated to helping your catch more fish!

Open water is finally here! Catch more fish this spring by using the right size bait – fishing.

Open water spring fishing is finally here! Catch more fish this spring by choosing the right size baits:  https://bit.ly/2wusmMm

Thought I would post this past spring fishing video, as it is a great overview I had done of choosing the right size baits for early season that will lead you to catching during the cool spring months.

Understanding that most of the lakes we fish are still pretty cool temperature wise, ranging from 45 to 54 degrees at most due to a late ice out and very few really hot consecutive days to warm things up, we as anglers need to treat these early spring months similar to the mid to late fall months in order to enjoy successful days.

Key areas to focus on are using bite size baits in the 3 to 3.5 inch range, with leaner style bodies that are retrieved quite slowly. Due to the cool water a fast moving bait at this time of year will not blend in well with natural forage, so adding several pauses on retrieves and letting the bait rest for up to 10 seconds sometimes before you start retrieving it again is very important.

If you have any questions on how to capitalize on spring fishing success, feel free to ask in the comments…tight lines everyone!

The AMFisH guy… Dedicated to helping you catch more fish!

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