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Sometimes the fishing is not so good but the views are spectacular!

Anyone have luck catching this past weekend?  If so comment with some pictures!


Fishing was tough on my end this past weekend, three separate storms rolled through in a three hour span, did not help much with catching fish but the views were absolutely spectacular!

bass fishing

Calm waters after some storms rolled through made for using the Joe Bucher TopRaider a must try bait!

fishing fr muskies

This was one of three different storm systems that rolled though, did not make for a good fishing day at all but it sure did make for some great photos!

bass fishing on a lake

The AMFisH guy… Dedicated to helping your catch more fish!

My latest fishing interview with Dock Talk 365!

New interview with Dock Talk is live today!


It was a pleasure doing another interview with Chris from Dock Talk 365, always a pleasure being given the opportunity to share what AMFisH is all about as well as share some of my stories and fishing knowledge with different audiences out there.

This one is a great read of my most favorite lake to fish here in Ontario Canada, Moira Lake that had me at my first outing!

Read the full interview here:




The AMFisH guy…
Dedicated to helping you catch more fish!

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