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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – how to Texas rig baits correctly.

Hi fishing world!   This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog is about how to Texas rig soft plastic baits: 


This is a great rig for bass fishing and there are some key things to note when rigging your soft plastics.  The key thing is to make sure your bait is sitting completely straight on the hook, this will allow it to rest correctly on the bottom when you are fishing.

Presentation wise this is a usually a slow presentation where you drop the bait in front of the face of a bass by flipping/pitching into thick structure areas.  The Texas rig will allow you to get your bait down through the layers of structure easier, as it is a slim setup with a bullet style sinker guiding your baits directly to the fish below.

You will always want to back your bait up and this means is once the first part of the hook is through the bait and all lined up you need to put the barb of the hook into a lower area of the bait to prevent it from stretching it too tightly.  Not easy to explain in words but I describe this in detail throughout the video.

Practice rigging your baits so you can do it easily, quickly and most importantly correctly each and every time, this way when the fish are biting and your soft plastic is all chewed up and needs to be changed, you can do so very quickly instead of missing out on fish.

I hope you found this vlog helpful! 

The AMFisH guy…



This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Texas rigged baits vs. flipping jigs.

Hi AMFishers!  This weeks AMFish fishing vlog is about Texas rigged baits vs. flipping jigs:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GI1LbacX_wU

Texas rigged baits and flipping jigs are both great baits for bass but there are a few differences between them.  A Texas rigged bait is a soft plastic that is rigged a very specific way causing the bait to sit on the bottom slightly upright as well as making it totally weedless.

A flipping jig on the other hand is a full skirt bait that is also weedless as well you being able to rig a soft plastic on the tail end of it as well.   It is a bulkier bait due to all the rubber skirt strands that can be fished like the Texas rigged bait, slowly off the bottom, around structure and even fishing it swimming back to the boat.

A Texas rigged bait is more streamlined allowing it to fall through several layers of structure, example thick weeds where as a flipping jig is so much bulkier that it will get hung up in the thicker weeds at times, preventing you from getting it all the way down to where the fish might be.

When it comes to quality of fish you will notice that the size of fish you will catch on a flipping jig and soft plastic trailer will definitely be of bigger quality, but when it comes to quantity of fish being caught that will be the Texas rigged bait.

Both baits work extremely well, but due to some of the difference I wrote about above the results will vary for sure, so having a few of each with you can help you maximize your quantity and quality of fish being caught.

Hope you found this post helpful.

The AMFisH guy…