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AMFisH blog post – Two great baits for ice fishing!

Hi fellow AMFisHers! I am sure many of your are getting ready for some January ice fishing, which is why I am writing this post.

With so many different baits on the market for summer fishing and ice fishing it’s never easy deciding on what to buy and use, that will result in catching fish on your outings. Thought I would share two very simple looking baits that work very well for me while ice fishing.

The first bait is the Johnson Thin Fisher – Johnson Fishing, which is the blade bait in the first batch of pictures below. This is a very simple design for a bait, that is great for vertical jigging through the ice. It’s available in various natural looking colors as well as some flashy options. These baits also have a small rattle chamber that is built in(it’s the bulky part at the bottom/sides of the front half of the bait) which allows for vibration and sound. With the three hole option for rigging you can work this bait three different ways, from a tight wobble(first hole), to a slightly wider wobble(second hole) and then the widest wobble(third hole). Having three different ways to work this bait through the ice makes it extremely versatile when the bite all of a sudden changes.




All around the Johnson Thin Fisher stacks up high on the list as an versatile ice fishing bait!


Second bait is the Lindy Darter – Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle which you will find in the second batch of photos. This bait looks like a very small crankbait, which it is. Works great in the early spring months when forage is at it’s smallest BUT also work very well for ice fishing. Key thing to note with this bait it the action, it darts off into different directions when you vertically jig it. Off to the left then to the right then a quick left to right, really great action that actually calls in the fish as it also has internal rattles. Using baits that do make some sort of noise is a good choice for ice fishing as the fish may be stationary or roaming around, so the rattles and darting action will help you catch more fish.


Best part of these simple baits it that they are relatively inexpensive for what they are, making it easy to have half a dozen of each “OR MORE”!



Be sure to check them out at the links I have included below, a must in your ice fishing tackle boxes this season!

Johnson Fishing: http://www.johnsonfishing.com/

Lindy Fishing Tackle: http://www.lindyfishingtackle.com/

Hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions about these baits feel free to ask.

The AMFisH guy…tight lines!

LEARN more: www.amfish.ca

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This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog – being prepared for any fishing outing in the elements !

Hello fellow fishing people !  This weeks AMFisH fishing video blog is about learning to be prepared for fishing in the elements: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TsAZnrbqm5U

I can’t stress enough to be a prepared as possible and if so be even a little more prepared.   When it comes to the elements of cold weather it is critical to take some key steps, that way the outings can be enjoyed.

Put a little list together of important items like, extra gloves, extra toque, extra jackets, extra shoes, extra clothing layers for your upper body and lower body, warm liquids in a thermos, a handy knife, two small candles, stuff like this.

“Always” to stay ahead of the cold, start with enough layers so you feel warm, your base layer should be a man created fiber like a dri fit shirt or microfiber type material, that will act like a second layer of skin.  NEVER wear cotton as a base layer, it will make you feel colder then ever, so be sure to look at some of the thermal layers that are great for the base layer.

From here you will want a few warm layers on top with a nice warm jacket.  You can do the same for the lower layers, merino wool long johns then a warm pair of pants, potentially even a snowsuit outside of that.

Drink warm liquids because if you drink cold liquids valuable energy that could be used for generating heat will now be used to warm up the cold liquids you drank, so some hot tea or soup is a good idea in a good quality thermos.

It is better to have extra layers as you can always take some off or add more, if you have no extra layers you are pretty much stuck being cold, that is not fun at all.  Besides extra layers can come handy should someone you are with be not as prepared as you are, or even in an emergency situation they could help someone else.

I do safety videos for many reasons so be cautious out there especially in the cold, keep yourselves, family and friends safe.  I hope this video helped in some way…

The AMFisH guy…