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Review of the new Livetarget hollow body crawfish jig – fishing!

Hello fellow AMFisHers and anglers!  With the 2019 open water season not being too far off now I thought I would get back to a new blog post about this really cool new bait!

This post is all about the Livetarget Lures hollow body crawfish jig and it’s quite clear from the picture below this bait is a winning bait!

AMFisH fishing image of Livetarget hollow body crawfish bait

From the second I saw these being talked about at the ICAST fishing show, I instantly knew this was going to be a killer bait that would be responsible for many quality bass being caught!

I recently purchased six of these jigs at local fishing shows that took place not too long ago and I was nothing shy of totally impressed by how well this bait if made, from the quality hook, overall bait construction and the intense amount of details on it…four thumbs up from me on this one!

This is basically a new style of flipping jig, where traditional flipping jigs are way more lacking in the details department, this Livetarget crawfish jig offers us angler so much more when it comes to presenting something so realistic to the bass we fish for, but in that same weedless flipping jig style!

It’s available in a variety of great color patterns and I have featured two great ones in this post!  The deep purple and chartreuse mix in the first image above is a very good choice when you need a lot more flash to trigger a strike. That added chartreuse at the front end of the bait it exactly what will trigger those strikes!

Below is the black and blue color pattern which is quite a common pattern for flipping jigs. This is basically my high confidence and go to bait color pattern for jigs, as it works great in clear water, stained water, overcast days, you name it this pattern is gobble up by bass each and every year!

AMFisH fishing image of Livetarget hollow body crawifsh jig

To help all of you along when it comes to selecting colors for this bait, keep it simple by matching the hatch with a few of them then picking a few other patterns that bring you instant confidence when you hold the bait package in your hand.

Crayfish shell color transitions take place throughout the year and you can never go wrong with a standard crayfish color of all green. A light green or dark green is pretty much a common crayfish shell color in lakes, so by matching that most common color you are sure to get yourself onto some fish!

Sticking on the keeping it simple with colors, I would add in a few darker toned patterns like dark gray, black, red, blue, purple, brown and orange as these other patterns will help you adjust to shell transitions during the season. Oranges and reds shine most mid to late fall as that is the pattern real crayfish shells transition to during late season.

This Livetarget crawfish jig is definitely made to catch fish!  It’s overall design from the guarded hook to make it weedless, to the detailed shell pattern of the jig head tail, there is not much missing from this design!

They have even included and extra pair of crayfish pincher claws with this bait, just incase the existing ones need replacing due to bait damage after too many catches.  The great thing about this design is even if the claws are chewed up or torn off the jig you still have all the skirted material around them that act like claws underwater anyway, as they will flair open when the bait sits at the bottom.

Versatile baits like this are what every angler should always be keeping an eye on, as they allow us to fish these into all the areas bass love to hide in and around, like docks, boat houses, sunken trees, logs, thick weeds, you name it this little craw jig is sleek enough to slide in/around all of the above bass holding structures!

If you are looking for a different style of flipping jig then this Livetarget hollow body crawfish jig if the one to snatch up!  There is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to capitalize off this innovative new bait that will quickly lead to many successful fishing days for you!

Tight lines this season!

The AMFisH guy… Dedicated to helping you catch more fish!

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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Items to consider when buying a fishing kayak – fishing.

Hi AMFisHers! This AMFisH(LEARN more: www.amfish.ca) fishing vlog is about key items to consider when getting a kayak for fishing:

The #1 thing to consider should actually be where you live, WHY well I will use myself as an example, I have a sit in kayak because I live in a climate that does get much cooler in the fall and in order for me to fish as long as I want during the season I need to be up out of the water to stay dry.

A sit on top kayak would only work for me a few months out of our fishing season, as you are sitting on top with water access all around you, so staying dry and warmer would definitely be impacted in this style kayak.

This is definitely the key decision maker for getting into kayak fishing, as it can make or break the amount of time you spend on the water. Other key items are storage as it is a much smaller area to fish in outside of a boat. Versatility meaning how does the kayak perform while fishing, is it easy to access all the compartments for your needs, storage, transporting it to the lake, accessories for fishing, all key items to consider when looking at kayaks for fishing.

In the end make sure the kayak you purchase is the right kayak for your fishing needs, that way you will be happy for a long time!

Hope you found the vlog helpful!

The AMFisH guy…

LEARN more here: www.amfish.ca

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