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This weeks AMFisH fishing vlog – Kayak lake tour & the benefits of fishing in a kayak.

Hi AMFisHers! This AMFisH  fishing vlog is a short kayak lake tour video that I wanted to share with all of you. This blog post covers some advantages of fishing in a kayak, that truly do expose you to a entirely new way of fishing waters you may not have been able to access before.

I have mainly fished from shore and in boats my entire life and a few years ago I decided to purchase a fishing kayak to tackle fishing in a completely different way than I had ever done before.

What I can tell you in my eyes opened up to the surplus of water I could get into and fish that I could never do before from shore or in a boat. In this video you will see I have paddled into a small cover that is about 8 to 10 inches deep, with a lot of great spots to find a bass sunning itself. When you see me paddle back out into the deeper water, you will understand that trying to get in this area from shore or in a boat is next to impossible. Does it make fishing this area from a boat totally impossible? No it does not but it makes it much more complicated. Sitting out in the deeper water and casting into the cove with not being able to see clearly as to what I am casting to, will only result in spooking any fish in the cove.

The advantages of fishing from a kayak are quite high to any angler, I mean look at things like being able to drop in almost anywhere on a lake, zero gas expense to operate the kayak, accessing water on the lakes you fish, where fish may not have even seen a bait before, these things alone are enough to have me signing up for kayak fishing!


I have accessed some very remote areas on lakes I fish that I could never find a way to access before, this is where my eyes opened up to an entirely new world of fishing. Being able to paddle into a spot that is merely inches deep is quite amazing if you ask me and catching fish you have never caught in those remote areas is even more amazing! Fishing from a kayak has allowed me to add several new spots to my fishing spot list on the waters I fish that I had always struggled to find a way to fish in the past.

I would recommend doing your homework on what kayak will suit your needs best, as there are a lot to choose from with various pros and cons to each. There will be a link in the video screen that will take you to a previous kayak video I shot, that goes over key items you should consider while looking at fishing kayaks and I suggest you give that a watch to help you along.


Kayak fishing is quite an inexpensive way to keep yourself on the water, which explains why it has been picking up a lot more popularity over the last couple of years! If you are looking for a challenging new way to fish or are just looking for a better option to shore fishing, consider getting yourself into a fishing kayak that will allow you to fish more efficiently and be more affective on your outings.

Hope you found this video helpful and feel free to contact me should you have any questions about kayak fishing or to review your kayak fishing needs further.

The AMFisH guy…tight lines!

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Did you know fish see more of a frog than you might think?

Any bass fishing fanatics out there? Any of you love fishing frog baits?

If so this is a great read for you about why fish actually do see more of a frog than just it’s belly as most people might think.

There is a lot of information out there about frog bait color selection and most commonly you will see information about how a white belly on a bait is most important. There are a lot of variables and opinions on this topic which is why I always turn to nature first as it tells it like it is!

As you can see in the three images(images are not my images and are being used as reference only) I have in this post, when frogs are moving around they sit in various angles, giving any fish different vantage points of seeing the frog.

6113-06626747 © Masterfile Royalty-Free Model Release: No Property Release: No Frog swimming underwater

When frogs are swimming around and take a pause to rest, they actually tilt with their legs sitting well below the surface of the water as you can see in one of the images. When a frog sits like this the fish will see far more of the frog, everything from dangling legs twitching around, to the top coloring of their legs and back then even the inner thighs and belly color.


What this confirms is that using frog baits that actually tilt back like this makes total sense. Some frogs have a weight on the tail end of the body, which will make the bait sit like this on the pause. The skirted legs on the frog will submerge almost perfectly resembling a frog that stopped swimming.


I have and still am a big fan of using a white belly frog and rely heavily on it during bright sunny days, where I am aggressively working the frog around in a continuous swimming motion, to catch any active fish that are feeding on the surface. A white belly is all I need under these conditions as the bites are more of a feeding reaction attack, so as long as the fish see the bottom of the bait there is a pretty good chance with that simple view they will react.

Now on darker low light overcast condition days, this same white belly frog will easily be drowned out by the dark sky and low light, instantly not making it a good choice color wise. On these darker day low light conditions you will want a bait profile that is much darker, sometimes even going as dark as a black. Under these low light conditions darker colors will stand out far more than a light color and will be the best choice to allow fish to see the bait that much better.

In light of fish seeing more of the body than many might think, it no wonder why there is so much focus these days on very realistic looking frog patterns, which is called matching the hatch. Giving the fish a frog that looks very similar to the real frogs they feed on can’t do anything else but makes sense to us anglers.

There are a few things to always do when frog fishing with the first one being observing what color frogs are in the lakes you fish. Once you see what color those frogs are you can match then accordingly with frog baits that are on the market. What this will do is increase your chances of hooking into more fish and there is no arguing with that!

As you can see there is a lot more to consider outside a white belly frog, so keep some of these things in mind and you will be sure to increase your top water fish catch ratio!

Hope you found this post helpful…tight lines!

The AMFisH guy…

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