The AMFisH store!

Hi fellow anglers, fishing enthusiast’s and AMFisHers, welcome to the AMFisH online store!  Shop here:

I am proud to be offering Line Cutterz rings and flat mounts! This product is quite unique and is always on your finger or mounted securely ready to be used! No more fumbling around with braided line scissors that don’t work well or using that handy knife that we all end up leaving open for too long.

Both of these items are by far the best fishing line cutting tool I have ever used, so I decided to sell this awesome product I believe in so much!


I have been blogging and vlogging  for the last 5 years and  I have always felt I needed to give something back to the community of anglers  that has supported me along this amazing journey!  

I’ve reached out to various vendors that I feel offer excellent and reliable products that are made well and serve us anglers a lot of benefits.  

Every item I have chosen to sell on my store has been extensively tested and used by myself throughout a few season, because I believe in ensuring I am offering a premium product at a great price from a fishing business that cares as much as I do about what they sell.

Visit our secure and safe online store through the link below which is hosted by Square Up.  No account is needed, just your credit card and billing info.

We thank you in advance for your business!

The AMFisH guy…Billy.


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